30th May 2020, 12.30 – 22.00

Why Whisky?

Whilst you’ve likely already heard that the soaring popularity of whisky has turned it into multi-billion worldwide phenomena – if you’re newer to the drink, exploring the spirit can seem like a daunting experience.

Rest assured we’ve all been there – scared to order it, scared to drink it – confused, by the plethora of bottles to choose from – and bemused by the information which seems to be aimed at connoisseurs.

There are countless stereotypes – tweed caps, velvet jackets and of whisky being the sole purview of older, refined ‘gentleman’. And plenty of false conventions like never adding ice or water, or mixing your whisky.

In reality whisky is for everyone

Summerton Virtual Whisky Festival presents the perfect opportunity to either introduce yourself to the joys of having a dram, or to continue your whisky exploration journey.

This fun-focussed, first of a kind event will break down knowledge barriers, bust tiresome myths and open your eyes to the incredible diversity of world whisky – no matter your level of experience.

Discover whisky in a fun, relaxed and friendly environment

Hosted by some of the whisky world’s leading lights, the Summerton Virtual Whisky Festival puts the people behind the spirit front and centre. Throughout the day you will learn from:

Master distillers, Master blenders, Brand ambassadors, Mixology professionals and Leading commentators…

AND each other!

It’s the PEOPLE who make the whisky

And with our festival pack (containing whiskies, mixers and snacks) being delivered directly to your door, you’ll be able to actively take part throughout the day – discovering, sharing and conversing over drams with other festival participants.

Community has been, and still is, a cornerstone of whisky…..whilst the category is rich with history and craftsmanship – it’s the people who truly drive whisky
Matt McKay, thedramble.com