30th May 2020, 12.30 – 22.00

Exhibitor InfoLambay Whiskey

Two distinguished families and a new Irish Whiskey.

Lambay Irish Whiskey (LIWC) made their market debut in 2018 and continue to grow in global markets. Awarded with 23 whiskey medals since the launch, the unique taste of Lambay Whiskey is far reaching and recognised for its exceptional quality and taste.

Created through a collaboration between Camus, the world’s leading family-owned cognac producer, and the Baring Family’s Revelstoke Trust, Lambay Irish Whiskey is a combination of centuries-old Irish whiskey making expertise and five generations of French Cognac blending and maturation expertise. Launched in April 2018, Lambay Whiskey is a craft Irish whiskey with a cognac cask finish. Two distinguished families, a new kind of Irish whiskey, and a place of inaccessible mystery have brought the story of Lambay Whiskey to life.

Lambay island is a unique location, a hidden paradise just three miles off the coast of Dublin, Ireland. Here lies a playground for puffins, a sanctuary for seabirds and the adopted home of a troupe of wallabies. A unique expression from this special place, Lambay Whiskey is crafted with water from Lambay Island’s Trinity Well, and finished in cognac casks, hand selected by Camus Cellar Master, Mr. Patrick Leger. These casks are carried across the sea from the world-renowned cellars of Maison Camus France, and placed in a bonded warehouse called the Sea Cask Room on Lambay. Sea-spray, iodine and salt offer a unique maritime climate as the Lambay Single Malt matures. It’s a unique craft Irish whiskey from a curious place.

Lambay Whiskey Small Batch Blend: The finest distillates of malted barley and grain whiskeys, triple distilled, matured in bourbon barrels, carefully blended, and finished in a cognac cask. Water from Lambay Island’s Trinity Well, is used in the final finish and makes this whiskey as unique as the island itself!

• Color: Oak Brown • Aroma: Floral, Citrus and lingering spiciness. • Palate: Cracked almonds, pepper, malt, floral • Finish: Spiciness with lingering sweetness ABV: 40%, Non-chill filtered

Lambay Whiskey Single Malt is a deliciously smooth un-peated craft malt Whiskey. Triple-distilled and non-chill filtered, it’s unique flavor can be attributed to first fill bourbon barrels which had a previous low rye content that impart a subtle sweetness and floral note to the spirit. Lambay Single Malt is wholly finished in Cognac casks. Selected Cognac casks are placed on Lambay Island to bring maritime notes to the casks exposed to the fresh sea air. Warm mahogany in color, Lambay Single Malt tastes of coconut, malt, and dried berries. It has a long-lasting malt finish with lingering sweetness and green fruits.

• Color: Mahogany Brown • Nose: Malt, green fruit, floral, ripe bananas • Palate: Coconut, malt, dried berries • Finish: Long lasting malt with lingering sweetness and green fruits ABV: 40%, Non-chill filtered

Lambay Whiskey is a craft whiskey brand, triple-distilled, bourbon cask matured and always cognac cask finished.

Both whiskeys capture the perfection and nuances of its natural paradise, located just three miles off the coast of Dublin, Lambay Island where it is raised and finished. Both whiskeys are also crafted with the islands’ own Lambay Island Trinity Well water.